Member Testimonial
"Other people are not connected to Spirit like Auset and Ausar are. You all speak on the topics guided by Spirit with a confidence that they do not possess or have. You reassure your people directly from Spirit. Many say they have their third eye open but never say they are guided by Spirit. This is what they know about you all. This is what everyone should want to be, guided by and connected to Spirit." 

If you are interested in applying for membership into our Elite Inner Sanctum Society,  please complete the form below. 

Inner Sanctum Membership Application

Do you have a Facebook account that has been active for at least a year?

Have you ever been involuntarily removed from a group or spiritual organization in the past?

If the group leader were to post a comment in a group setting for everyone to read that you did not agree with, what would you do?

True or False: The race of the person that you date, marry, or make children with doesn't matter as long as you love them and they love you.

True or False: Peace and love should be used to address ALL problems in ALL situations.

Our Inner Sanctum membership requires a monthly fee. How much do you feel comfortable paying per month?


Your application will be reviewed by one of our administrators.  If your mindset matches our membership criteria, you will receive an email with detailed instructions regarding the next step in becoming a member. 
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