Join the Cosmic Family as we celebrate our first Mystery School graduate: 
We are so proud of you!!
2019 Ausar N Auset StarSeed Awards
Fredrick W. - Most Supportive
Jewel - Most Dependable
Olivia - Most Dedicated
Tamara - Best All Around

Participant Reviews 

"I love the fact that Ausar and Auset gives detail, easy to understand information in their webinars and books. Everything you need to do and why to survive The Fall of Babylon is touch on and explained in the book and this webinar. Scientific facts are given. See how Mother Nature is ridding herself and her people  of this virus on her planet on a microcosm level. It is beyond amazing The real excitement is within these videos, webinars and books. Why, because from this info we learn how to save  ourselves from our everyday mundane existence on this third dimension. This virtual webinar has some mind-blowing scientific and spiritual info. And I suggest you watch the Mass Extinction video, it is or should be a prelude to this one. The information in Mass Extinction gave me so much awareness and made me feel so good to know I am a part of this ancient knowledge. I watched it a total of 3 times before it was taken down." 


"The meeting was very informative. The discussions were insightful and the contingency plans were explained very well. It was also a pleasure to meet the group!"

Su Preme

"Thank you so much for a great meeting. You guys are phenomenal and I am so blessed to have found you.  I feel as though my spirit has been drawing me to you/the group all my life so thank you!"


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We just completed our 13 Day Powerhouse Detox and it was truly an amazing experience as we realigned our chakra systems, strengthened and toned our bodies, and ignited our Merkaba's!! 

Here are some participant testimonials  

“Peace & Love cosmic family..

This 13day detox has been a very interesting journey. I couldn't have even imagine all the benefits I would gain from detoxing. I have so much energy I honestly don't know what to do with it. I don't require nearly as much sleep or food as I use to. In fact, I have to force myself to relax and go to sleep at night, and even then I can only sleep for three hours max. I literally have too much energy running though my body to just lay there any longer. I also lost more than 15lbs (which I didn't realize until I weighed in at the VA office). My jeans are now too big so I know I slimmed down in the waist area. I feel so much lighter on my feet that it feels like I'm going float away with every step I take. I can't stress how amazing I feel. I can go on for days explaining all the benefits I've gained while detoxing. This has truly been an amazing eye-opening experience.”


"This 13day journey of detox was very beneficial for me. Evan though this was my first ever, I did have some difficulties in the middle half that's when it got hard for me with eating. But I continue my sunbathing, along with the meditations, and going to the gym.  I can feel the difference in my body no more tiredness, and so much more energy.. Thank you for all the encouraging words and helpful information about workout routine that I will keep in my daily workout plans. Oh and I lost 5lbs it's a start."   


"I did the 13 day detox mainly for clarity of though and to remove unhealthy food cravings and it has work. I feel more energize, my thinking is a lot clear unlike before where my thinking would be all over the place. I also lost weight, 9 lbs, my clothes are loose fitting and I have a slimmer face and my skin has taken on a glow. I plan to do my own periodic detoxing based on the article you wrote-The Key to Your Ascension, there are a lot of good tips listed in it. I didn't think I could do the entire 13 days but I was very determine thanks to you all information and encouragement."


"I feel amazing, these past days have challenged my mind, body and spirit by allowing me to push past my the one person that stands in the way of my abundant health and that deeper spiritual connection - me! I am so grateful for the opportunity, the support and experience! I am experiencing instant manifestation which really blows my minds...I feel strong and more grounded! Looking forward to what is ahead and of course the next detox! Oh did I mention that getting rid of 6lbs did not hurt!"


Peace and blessings family. I decided to do this 13 day summer solstice fast to slow myself down so that I could quiet my mind and clear my thinking. I am the only one in my inner circle that feels the need to grow spiritually in the way of our ancestors and I get lonely many times because whenever I want to speak on spiritual things, people look at me crazy. I have truly loved the connection here and the wealth of information. I started the fast a little rocky eating one meal per day when I had to work my 12 hour night shift. 3 days into the fast however I began to hear that voice or I just became aware......almost super aware of my intuitive side and felt I needed to commit at that point and do only my smoothies. Once I made the decision to be disciplined, all my excuses went down the drain. when I got really hungry, however I sunbathed for 30 min and did my meditation sitting on the ground under my tree and man what an experience.......My heart space felt.......I can’t even put it into words. It was awesome. I lost 3 pounds during the experience as well. I weighed in at 150 and this morning I’m 146.8. I am use to transcendental meditation so I need to continue to practice the Merkaba meditation. Feeling very grateful right now." 


"During the cruise this May, I ate horribly and I felt such tremendous guilt because I promised myself I would never have another stroke such that happened in the summer of 2017. When I was sick, animal spirits visited me and I even heard a voice that I believe was my father. Playtime was over. So when I returned home, there were no excuses. The weight started falling off at first and then it slowed down and then I would gain three pounds, lose one pound or either the scale wouldn’t budge. When you announced the 13-day Powerhouse, I saw that as the perfect opportunity to break the plateau and that it did. The energy and enthusiasm that you provide puts me on high and gets me pumped! I won’t lie and say I ran three minutes, walked one minute doing intervals, but I’ll get there. I do like Billy Blanks and I do what I can. As of today, I’ve lost 4 pounds thanks to the powerhouse and a grand total since May of 32 pounds. I do not feel deprived and I’m very grateful. Onward, I march and 30 more to go."


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